1 Practical Daily Habit To Kick-Start Your Weight Loss Journey

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At the Hormone Rebalance Centre, weight loss is a very common concern we see in the majority of our patients. It seems to be this end goal that women are constantly chasing, this moving target that always seems out of reach. 

It’s important to first point out that it’s crucial to come from a place of self-love and acceptance, have a positive relationship with weight and embrace your body regardless of its shape and size. While on the other hand, understanding that there will always be room for improvement in terms of our overall well being, including our weight. 

With the mindset of nurturing your body, rather than starving and punishing yourself because it’s not in your ideal shape yet, can go a long way in helping you achieve weight loss. Another important thing is to start slow and set realistic goals that you can sustain in the long run. Hence, I want to share with you one practical approach that you can easily start implementing. And that is with a low carb breakfast!

What you eat for breakfast sets your overall mood and energy. It establishes your blood sugar level throughout the day. And more importantly, the kind of food that you regularly have for breakfast has a significant impact on your weight loss journey. And so here’s a list of low-carb options for weight loss that have been effective for me and for our patients.

1. Intermittent Fasting

It doesn’t get more low carb than no breakfast at all! Intermittent Fasting is a dietary strategy that follows a meal schedule, which is fasting for 12 hours straight and eating within an 8-hour window (typically in the form of not eating between 7pm-11am or 8pm-12pm)

There’s a lot of research supporting Intermittent Fasting as an effective dietary intervention for losing weight successfully while also improving energy and longevity. If you are new to low carb eating, intermittent fasting may not be the best option to start with. Either way, start slow, listen to your body and try incorporating bulletproof coffee into your mornings. To learn more about how to embark and get started on intermittent fasting, read this article

2. Bulletproof Coffee

Whether you are fasting or not, bulletproof coffee is a perfect way to nourish your body with healthy fats first thing in the morning. Simply add one or more sources of healthy fats to your coffee and enjoy a great start to your day!

Choose from 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter, coconut oil, regular cream or MCT oil and make sure to exclude the sugar! 

Bulletproof coffee is like liquid energy without the energy crash that comes from eating carbs. It’s an easy tip we recommend for women who not only want to lose weight but also support your hormones and is something we teach in our Healthy Hormones, Healthy Weight Loss Program.

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3. Smoothie

Smoothie is a weight loss recipe that’s packed with a ton of nutrition that you can enjoy for a filling and healthy breakfast. Our smoothie formula typically consists of unsweetened coconut or almond milk or Keifer (fermented dairy) for the base, ½ cup of berries,  handful of greens, a good source of healthy fats and protein, such as a tablespoon of nut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, as well as a scoop protein or collagen powder.

4. Yogurt Parfait

If you’re in the mood for a creamy dessert-like breakfast, then yogurt parfait is a great option for you. Yogurt options include unsweetened Keifer, greek yogurt, or coconut yogurt. And to it, simply add fruits, nuts, and your choice of seeds (chia flax, hemp or pumpkin).

5. Chia Seeds Pudding

Chia seed pudding is a great filling breakfast option as it is very high in protein and a good source of fiber. This is a great replacement for the high-card oatmeal option. Simply soak 1 cup of chia seeds with dairy-free milk overnight. And then you can add the same things to your chia seed pudding that you would to a yogurt parfait.

6. Eggs

In whatever shape or form, you can’t go wrong with eggs as your breakfast meal. I personally love egg frittata or omelet with lots of vegetables, feta cheese, and black olives. Hard-boiled eggs make for a great grab-and-go option and can be cooked and stored in the fridge for 4-5 days!

7. No-Carb Bread

If you want to lose weight but really love bread or baked goods, you can opt for zero carb bread that’s either made with coconut or almond flour. You can easily bake it yourself, here are some no-carb bread recipes that you can try.

To wrap it up, regardless if you want to lose weight or just improve your overall health, if tackled your entire diet and habits all at once is overwhelming, what’s really going to make a difference and a practice that is maintainable is to focus on a low-carb breakfast and tackle one meal at a time. 

If this is an approach that resonates with you, check out if our Healthy Hormones, Healthy Weight Loss Program is the right fit for you!

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