Thyroid Health


About Thyroid Hormones:

Thyroid hormones act on virtually every cell in the body and therefore have many actions. Imbalances in thyroid hormones can present with many diverse symptoms and require a comprehensive assessment to address the underlying cause and to achieve better balance and long-term resolution of symptoms.

Conditions Treated:

  • Hypothyroidism (fatigue, weight gain, cold intolerance, anxiety and depression, thyroid dysfunction, foggy thinking, constipation, joint pain, hair and skin changes
  • Hyperthyroidism (fatigue, insomnia, heart palpitations, sweating, heat intolerance, irritability, thyroid dysfunction)
  • Positive thyroid antibodies and Hashimoto’s (autoimmune thyroid condition)
  • Nutritional and herbal support while on thyroid medications
  • Desiccated thyroid

How to properly assess thyroid function:

A comprehensive thyroid assessment should include the following:

  • TSH, T3, T4, rT3, thyroid antibodies through bloodwork
  • Status of iodine, selenium and iron
  • Inflammation
  • Basal body temperature
  • Underlying cause of thyroid dysfunctions, such as heavy metals and food allergies (especially in the case of thyroid antibodies), elevated cortisol, chronic inflammation

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