What to Expect from Your Visits:

Initial Visit:

The initial visit is 75 minutes long. It includes an in-depth review of your health concerns, medical history, and goals for treatment. We will do a focused physical exam, review any blood work or other diagnostic reports you may have, and get started on your individualized treatment plan.

Depending on the patient or presenting symptoms, some specialized testing or one of our programs may be recommended to get better insight and objective information on your individualized biochemistry. This information may be needed in order for us to recommend a more comprehensive and personalized protocol that is most specific to your biochemical needs.

Follow-up visits and their frequency:

If one of our comprehensive tests is required (Organic Acid Testing or Complete Hormone Panel), the Test Results consultation is a 90-min consult. Otherwise, all follow-ups are 45-60 min long.

Their frequency will depend on the complexity of the case, the therapies we choose, the time it may take to get results for certain tests, and the amount of support you may require. Those doing the weight loss program or IV Nutrient Therapy will require more frequent visits at first. Those coming for hormonal balancing or bio-identical hormones may be required to come for follow ups every 3-6 months.

Once we have a treatment plan in place and your main concern are under control or resolved, the focus of our visits will be on maintenance and prevention and those are typically scheduled 2-4 times per year.

How to best prepare for your initial visit:

If available, please bring with you copies of your latest blood-work or any imaging reports (in the last 6-12 months). If those are not available to you, you can fill out a consent form during our visit (or in advance) to request them from your medical doctor or specialist. We always recommend patients carry a personal copy of any tests or blood-work they do when they see several healthcare providers to best utilize their personal time, the doctor’s time, and to avoid unnecessary repetitive tests.

If dietary interventions or support is something you would like to address in detail, we recommend carefully tracking your diet for a few days prior to your visit or possibly taking pictures of your meals and we will review them on your first or second visit.

Most benefit plans offer coverage for naturopathic services. Check out how much coverage you have (per session, for the year, full/partial coverage and whether your policy permits direct billing which we can do on your behalf). Don’t let this coverage go to waste and use these benefits to benefit you!

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