MCT oil: Liquid Weight Loss Gold

If you haven’t heard of MCT oil before, we highly recommend you give this a try!

Before we make the introduction, you should know that this is a superfood that we have seen great results with at our office with regards to weight loss, appetite reduction and boosting energy!

It’s called MCT oil

MCT oil, stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. It’s a form of saturated fat that comes from sources such as coconut oil.

You must be thinking, did you just say saturated fat?? For weight loss??!

YES, absolutely. Let us explain how this works in the body. Unlike most fats, which require bile from the gallbladder and digestive enzymes from the pancreas, MCTs diffuse through the intestines and go directly to the liver to be converted to ketones. They then circulate in the bloodstream and even cross to the brain and are rapidly used for fuel rather than being stored as fat.

Therefore, one of the first things you should notice with MCT oil, is an increase in energy. However, from a weight loss perspective, here are some of the benefits animal and human studies have demonstrated with the use of MCT:

MCT increases metabolic rate and can, therefore, reduce stored body fat. It can help the body burn fat and produce ketones, meaning MCT can provide you with similar benefits to the ketogenic diet, without requiring major cut-backs in carbs. MCT can help reduce appetite and make you feel fuller, hence helping lower your caloric intake and reducing cravings!

Other great health benefits include better memory and moods by being a fuel for the brain, improving digestion by balancing gut bacteria and having antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

If you are eager to start taking MCT, which you can find at most health food stores, our only word of caution is to make sure you start low and slow.

Start with 1 tsp per day and over 2-3 weeks build your tolerance up to 1 Tablespoon. Taking too much at once can cause abdominal cramping or discomfort. You can take it on its own, add it to your coffee or tea, or add to your salads. You need to consume it for at least 2-3 months to notice shifts in body fat composition but the energy boost and reduced cravings should be more immediate!

So, does this mean that taking MCT oil alone will get you to shed pounds? We wish it was that easy, but that’s not the case. MCT is not a miracle worker but it can certainly help accelerate your weight loss efforts if a good diet and balanced hormones are in place.

While it doesn’t hurt to add it to your daily routine, even for the energy boost, if you are struggling to lose weight, you may need a more comprehensive plan. Learn about our signature Hormone Rebalance Program or reach out to us to book a consult. Our team can help you get on track!

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