How to Get Restful ZZZ’s

Your body is a bioelectrical machine that generates a low yet sensitive electromagnetic field (EMF).  These  electrical currents are as essential to your well-being as the blood that flows through your body.

What that means is that the body is sensitive to other forms of electromagnetic radiation that can temper with your own natural rhythm, even in a very subtle way. Research has shown that low frequency electromagnetic radiation can affect the body’s biological clock and specifically the production of melatonin hormone, which regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

Reduced melatonin not only impacts sleep, but it can also lead to depression, weakened “blood-brain barrier” leaving your brain more vulnerable to toxins, and since it is a powerful antioxidant, its deficiency has also been associated with certain cancers.

Tips to Getting Restful ZZZ’s:

·         Out of the bedroom. Eliminate all EMF producing devices from your bedrooms: digital alarm clocks, computers, TV’s, cellphones, and just about anything that has a plug.

·         Into the bedroom. Create a “Zen”; remove any clutter, use essential oils, choose comfortable and soothing sheets, or re-paint the walls. Avoid doing any work in bed, or the bedroom in general, and allow for anything that makes your bedroom more relaxing.

·         Pitch dark. Melatonin (considered the “hormone of darkness”) is naturally produced in the dark. Therefore avoid having any lights in the bedroom while you sleep. Sleeping with an eye cover is also a great solution.

·         Have a curfew. Establish regular sleeping hours and try to get up each morning and go to bed every night roughly at the same time. This allows your body to get into a rhythm.

·         Keep it cool. Studies show that cooler temperatures are associated with higher melatonin production. Try sleeping naked as tight clothing increases body temperature or leave the window a little open.

·         Caffeine caution. Caffeine may be metabolized at different rates in different people. A standard dose takes 15-30 minutes to kick in and lasts 4-5 hours, and in some people even longer. Drinking coffee, tea, or soft drinks and eating high amount of chocolate in the afternoon can be hindering your sleep.  


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