Workplace Wellness

Making health and wellness part of your company’s culture is a win-win situation to employees and employers alike!

Aside from my private practice, I have a great interest in bringing wellness to the workplace and providing custom wellness solutions to corporate clients. As a busy professional myself, my passion to teach fellow busy professionals simple and manageable solutions to help them regain their sense of balance and well-being, inevitably turning them into a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

My Background:

I served as the Wellness Program Manager at WorkingWell for several years, where I developed programs, newsletters, organized fairs and lead many Lunch and Learns for corporate clients. As well, I am the head and developer of the Holistic Weight Management Program at the Institute of Hormonal Health (IHH) and have a true passion for lecturing, researching and educating on the latest research in the field of health and wellness.

Some companies and organizations I have worked with include Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), Biogen Idec, Alberici Canada, First National Financial, Insurance Bureau of Canada, Morguard Investments, Sick Kids Hospital, TorStar Digital, Hilti Canada and many others.

Some of my favourite topics to educate on include stress management, tackling the cold and flu season and how to achieve and maintain healthy weight, however I am always open and willing to present on any topic that is of interest and relevance to your workforce and company culture.

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