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I put great emphasis on making workshops fun, interactive and motivational with a focus on the latest research and recent wellness trends. Most importantly, my primary goal is to offer simple and manageable solutions to common health struggles that impact many of today’s busy professionals.

I can customize any topic that you feel will best address your company’s current needs, however here is one example:

A B C’s of Nutrition: From Basics to Current Fads

-We will discuss the basics of macronutrients such as carbs, fats, and protein, their optimal food sources and how to incorporate them in your diet to ensure balanced and nourient-rich meals.

-We will uncover the science and confusion between whole wheat vs. whole grain vs. plain white, good vs. bad carbs and fats, and discus the premise behind “fat-free” and “diet” foods and beverages

-I will offer tips for breaking away from bad habits, cultivating a sense of mindfulness and awareness around food, and forming manageable and lasting nutritional habits that your body will thank you for years to come

Other topics include :

  • Stress, Sleep & Self-Care: How to Thrive and Cultivate Resiliency
  • Building a Resilient Immune System and Conquering this Year’s Cold & Flu Season
  • Reversing Aging from the Inside Out

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